couple really minor Print/install guide items.


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couple really minor Print/install guide items.

Post by countryguy » Wed Mar 04, 2015 7:17 pm

OK, I've been inside these manuals and print so often they're like Kin :-) Just a few nit-pick items I've noted. Yeah, I work for a publisher. LOl.

1) The current print I have- Note 2. 110VAc side. 2nd line down. Noted to connect Neutral to TB4/1B I think that should read TB1/4B. Which is the 110 Neutl connection.
2) Sprindle Cooling Fan. Print lists this as CNT 1 enabled via Hot lead contactor. Install guide notes Output 10 enabled example on page 45. I can see I'll move it to output 10 if you cover in a doc or note someplace? Asusme there is a i/o setup part to this for when to go on/off ? The Fan is noisy to just put on at contactor power up. Would like to pursue after I get the final configs done. Just a note on docs to the print at this point.
3) page 24 Step 8- configure drive bus assignment. while noting 300 =1, 301=2 and 302=3, you not that 303=3.... I think you missed 302. 303 should be 0 in your example. just making sure.

Otherwise- Darn near perfect. Again, excellent docs and prints, Videos and pic slides and support anytime day & night it seemed.

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