Occasional problem with communications


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Occasional problem with communications

Post by AMDlloydsp » Tue Oct 28, 2014 9:25 pm

Scott, et al,
I have an infrequent but recurring problem with lost communications between the PC (yours) and the CNC11/AIO.

This only ever seems to happen when the system is sitting idle at the main screen, waiting a job start, or after finishing one. I do not remember its happening during a job. It's happened since day-one of the installation, and we've been over every connection, checked every voltage.

The mill will suddenly 'click', and the PC will report lost communications between the host and the control. It requires a re-boot of the PC (maybe only the app, but I'm not clear on this), and sometimes a power-cycle of the AIO to rectify.

We have the BEST quality ethernet cable money can buy, and only three meters long, between the control and the PC, and I am certain that no connections are dirty, broken, or loose. I'm using your power supply in the control cabinet, your servos, and nothing power-handling connected to the system.

Because it seems only to happen when idle, I wonder if there's something 'soft' at work here.


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