Run away encoder count on a paired axis


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Run away encoder count on a paired axis

Post by Exhibitology » Sun Jan 12, 2014 8:52 pm

Our GPIO4/MPU11 has been working great since July.

We are now having a problem with Axis 4 which is
paired with Axis 1 to move a gantry in the X axis.

Movement stops as soon as a motion command is given.

On startup homing, in the PID Menu, in the ABS/POS
column, axis 1's count correlates to no movement. Axis 4 on
the other hand runs away even after motion stops. It
even continues when the E-stop is pressed and
released. If the E-stop is kept pressed, it eventually
stops. But it resumes as soon as the E-stop is

The only error message it usually signals is "stopped."

On one occasion I did get an "encoder differential error."

I replaced the Axis 4 motor with a confirmed good spare.
The run-away count resumes with the replacement
and its shaft gently turns. It can be stopped by
by gently grasping it but it resumes spinning when

I also tried pairing axis 1 and axis 5. This yielded
the same results.

Any insight is appreciated.

Richard Rew

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