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tt1 question

Post by 77randyc » Wed Sep 25, 2013 8:18 pm

Have been running my mpu11/dc3iob mill with TT1 hooked to input 13 working fine. I added dp4 probe and software.
dp4 is hooked up to input 14 on dc3iob. Now TT1 does not work the same, when i try to set a tool height with
F3 Set automatic x and y move ok (par 17) but then z moves in "+" direction not the "-" direction. I have checked
input 13 on the "io" screen manually and works fine (but will not retract z axis). Dp4 works great. Am i missing a
parameter setting.

3 = 2
11= 14
18= 0
44= 13

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