boss limit switches, air motor & other random Boss advice


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boss limit switches, air motor & other random Boss advice

Post by cnckeith » Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:45 pm

"Will the Bridgeport Retrofit Kit show a schematic for wiring up existing BP Limit Switches?? Q: will these require a power supply as well?" Jeff

Hello. Thanks for the questions..

-You can resue the boss switches no problem, no power supply needed. and yes it all on the supplied schematic. The switches supplied with the boss machines were high quality switches. They have both NO and NC terminals. Use the NC terminals. (normally closed) If you aren't sure which terminals, just use a multimeter to determine which set is the Normally Closed terminals. The big 2'x3' paper schematic that is supplied with the Ajax Boss kit shows the connections to the control, its very simple. some advice on these old boss switches.. test out with a multi meter making sure they show consistent operation. sometimes they get gummed up (like the air motor) and just need cleaned to bring them back to 100% original functionality. The Z axis on a boss often has three switches, i reuse just two of them. see this photo. ... directlink

and here is a link to a boss retrofit album that shows lots of good wire routing, servo motor mounting, console mounting on a series I boss. ... directlink

- some other random boss advice.. it is stated in the manuals.. but i wanted to draw your attention to it.. when mounting the pulleys on the servo motor shaft, never hit the pulley or the motor shaft with anything while installing the pulley. all pulleys should be slip fit.... and only take finger pressure to slide into position! if they don't slide into position, clean it, ream it and/or sand the pulley bore until it does. (this is true for any servo motor, not just centroid). the original boss pulleys were high quality taper lock pulleys which work very well, make sure they are not rusted, if so carefully scotch brite or chemically treat the pulleys, rusted pulleys will wear out belts.

- also the speed up down air motor often gets gummed up, you can flush them with cleaner to get them to work again. or just install an inverter to vary the spindle speed instead. "Also the U/D air motor was completely stripped and "renovated": runs like a champ..." great! remember you can always install an inverter to have fully programmable spindle speed which will eliminate the need for the air motor and give you program control of spindle speed. very easy and cheap to do as well.

- follow the steps in the control install build manual and don't skip ahead

- scott in tech is available for teamviewer (remote) sessions for only $60 / hour if you get stuck and need his expertise to complete the configuration. email and forum advice is always free.

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