step down transformer? and 2nd estop?


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step down transformer? and 2nd estop?

Post by cnckeith » Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:01 pm

Keith, Thanks for your due diligence in answering my emails. In the meantime 'til controller arrives i am re-revamping original control cabinet. Prior to installation of former controller, (Turner MC 2000...) I had gutted out the cabinet completely except for motor fuses and motor relays. I still have air solenoids for brake and speed operational.
Reviewing the BP Retrofit PDF sent by Liviu, A few Q's:
Q: Do I need a stepdown transformer...?
Q: Is it mandatory for an E stop other than the one on the Pendant??

-Recently CENTROID increased the operating voltage of the servo drive section of the All-in-One-DC cnc control board to 180 volts. This is great. Now if you have servo motors that are rated at or above 180 VDC you DO NOT need a step down transformer. All you have to do to create DC power for the servo's is to use our Cap and Bridge combo which will directly rectify 110 VAC resulting in about 160 VDC. (Our stock 17,29 and 40 in lb motors are rated at 180 VDC) The motors that are supplied with your Boss kit are ready to go and are rated at 180 vdc. Not having to install the step down transformer makes the motors perform even better, reduces heat inside the cabinet, and reduces cost and labor to install the system. so its and all around win-win.
- You'll need at least one estop. so using just the one built into the pendant is fine, that's all that is required..however i like to install a 2nd one on the machine head, there is a nice location do just that on most of the Bridgeport Boss machines. Its super easy to do and the schematic we provide shows the easy connections for a 2nd estop. its just personal preference on whether or not to install a 2nd (or third, 4th etc) estop button.

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