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Home to Incoder Index Mark (Asterisk)

Post by ART M » Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:43 pm

After purchasing a used machine, and not knowing that the a A chanel, not A chanel, B channel, not B channel, Z channel,
and not Z channel ( index mark ) were wired opposite "polarity"? The units displayed correct measurements in all three axis's.
This was fine, until I hooked up limit switches, and issued a home command at which point the machine went to the limit
switch, backed off until the switch closed and set home without seeing the index mark of the encoder.
Upon examining the asterisk * (which never went off) next to the drive letter on the PID screen, I realized that
the "Z" channel of the encoder was not being read at all, (always on?) After swapping the "polarity" of each encoder channel, the DRO
was unchanged, but the dredded asterisk* was only present briefly at the index mark, as it should be. I have heard these channels
could be swapped and still work, however that does not seem to apply to the "Z" channel on these Tamagawa TS 5214 Encoders.
I am curious as to weather this issue is relative to Tamagawa encoder, or the MPU11? Anyone having trouble with a
steady on asterisk?..........check those "Z" channel encoder leads. Not being familiar with the control, it took me a couple of days
to turn off that steady on asterisk**************** * * * * * * * * * *.

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