**Resolved** Schematic and Wiring Questions Bridgeport V2XT


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**Resolved** Schematic and Wiring Questions Bridgeport V2XT

Post by Centroid_Liviu » Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:45 am

We just purchased the Mill Kit with existing servos and the cabinet mount PC option. We are installing it on a Bridgeport V2XT machine and have some questions.

1. What is PS2? What does it look like? Was it provided? If not is there a spec for it?
The PS2 is a 24v DC power supply. In general Bridgeports have one for the air solenoids. One is not included in the kit as most machines have it already, but we do have 24v power supplies available for $164. It supplies 24VDC @ 2.1A.

2. Our stock E-Stop contactor is 110V driven. Do you have a spec or part number for the 24v one that is required and in the instruction picture?
The E-Stop contactor can be 110V. Please see "7.7 Wiring the Estop Coil" in the installation manual, but note that any power can be substituted for the 24COM and 24VAC (up to 220V).

3. I’d like to confirm that Cap Brd Low is the pwr supply for the servo motors. I ask because the direction say save stock pwr supply.
The Cap Brd Low is a capacitor and rectifying bridge. It will rectify AC inputted into DC. Please see Technical Bulletin 269 : Voltage rating of DC drives and DC Power Supplies for further info. Depending on what your servos are rated at the Cap Board can be the power supply. For example if your servos are rated at 160VDC you can take household 110VAC into the capacitor/rectifying bridge and get 155VDC out for your servos. So depending on what you have available and what your servos are rated at you may or may not want want/need to use the old servo power supplies.

4. How necessary are shielded cables because ours are not?
Encoder cables must be shielded (the ones provided from us are). All other input cables are strongly recommended to be shielded. But as most are wired as normally closed its possible that no issues will arise.

5. Is DC1 only used for 4th axis installation?
The DC1 is only used for 4th or higher axis installation.

6. Do you have a recommended spec or part# for the rotary disconnect?
The specs for our Rotary Disconnect are below:
Rotary Disconnect
This disconnect switch will accommodate single and three-phase incoming power.
VAC 208 240 480 600
HP 10 10 20 25

7. Does H1 on the ALLIN1 have to be fed with 12v or can it be fed with 24v if we change the SIPS?
You can use 5v, 12, or 24v as long as the corresponding SIPS are installed. The installation manual has SIPS values for each.

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