Axis encoder error


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Axis encoder error

Post by bingart » Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:14 pm

I'm new to the world of router tables and I just recently purchased a used 6 X 10 Precix Router table. The controller had just been replaced with an Ajax ALLIN1DC and the software is Mach3. The guy I bought it from had just replaced the ball screw because of a crash that he had in trying to set up this new controller and software. After waiting months for the part he lost interest and sold the thing to me as a project. I've been able to get everything fired up and working but had some issue I need your help with. I was able to get everything moving on the X, Y and Z axes briefly but when trying the Z everything stopped working and the error code "Axis Z Encoder Error" came up. I hit "Clear" and then "Reset" and was able to get the Z to move again briefly and then the same error message came up but this time I was no longer able to clear the error and get things to restart. I also have a scrolling error near the Reset button that says "Press Reset...Emergency Mode Active". Also I have a flashing yellow & green button that says "Abnormal Condition/Normal Condition" and when I click on it the message comes up saying "One or More Axis enabled or disabled". I have no doubt these are all related and pointing to something. I just need your help to get this resolved. Also, on the Diagnostics page there is a yellow light that says "Reduced" is that related to these other things? Thanks in advance for your input!

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