MACH 3 GPIO4D/MPU11 testing inputs problem


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MACH 3 GPIO4D/MPU11 testing inputs problem

Post by luka » Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:47 pm

Hello guys,
I’m installing Mach3 CNC control kit for 3rd party drives in our 3 axis VMC. I have come to point 4.5.5 Testing limit switch inputs and here I have problems. I have all inputs jumped accordingly to schematic under 4.5.3, when I disconnect input 1 wire from input 1 the state of M1++LIMIT in Mach3 under diagnostics tab doesn’t lit up as it should. What I see is irregular blinking between M1++LIMIT and M1--LIMIT. I don’t have any clue why both inputs get activated if I only disconnect wire from input 1. I see this behavior on all inputs 1-6 if I disconnect the appropriate wire. The E-stop button works OK I have it wired on input 11 and when pressed the emergency state lit up red.

At this moment I have all inputs 1-16 jumped, is this OK or should I jump only inputs 1-8 and 11 as in schematics under 4.5.3? Can this be the problem?

I’m using the latest ajax plugin 1.16.

One last thing that bothered me was that when I opened Ajax configuration screen in Mach3 the values underneath the axis table were all blank so I retyped the values from manual!

I hope someone can point me in the right direction or tell me what I’m doing wrong!

Thanks in advance for reply!

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