Can't activate Spindle in Mach 3


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Can't activate Spindle in Mach 3

Post by sandcrab123 » Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:59 pm

I was able to configure my Hitachi wj200 to work in Mach 3 with the m3 s2000 command and increase/decrease the speed with the buttons on screen. I then went to CNC11 to confirm that it would function and it would not, but that's another issue. When I went back to Mach 3, it won't work there either.

When I MDI M3 S2000 in Mach 3 the yellow button flashes in the spindle screen and nothing happens. When I check the diagnostics, the output 1 button is flashing red. What happened?

I am also having an issue trying to home my x axis. My y and z axis hit the switch and back off like there supposed to, but my Z axis just goes to estop. I tried upping the debounce to 4000, but no difference. I also changed the micro switch and that made no difference either.

Thanks for your help guys. Were getting real close to having a working machine,


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