***READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING*** Report.zip, Photos are required.


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***READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING*** Report.zip, Photos are required.

Post by Centroid_Tech » Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:28 pm

In order for us here at Centroid to help you in a timely manner there is some critical information we need from you when you post a question.

You must post a Report.zip file otherwise will may not respond to the post since we would just be guessing.
The report.zip needs to be attached to your post.. viewtopic.php?f=60&t=943
(Note: A report contains NO personal information, simply the CNC and machine systems parameter settings, faults encountered in a message log, and PLC program being used. this way we can "see" how the CNC system is configured and give you good direction.)
PHOTOS! Post photos of the Machine Tool, the Electrical cabinet and the Operators console. A picture is worth a thousand words holds true for CNC tech support. Even a photo you may think is of no value may lead us to help you with your questions. Post photos here on the forum or use one of the many free photo album sites online and post a link. there is no excuse not to post photos at this day and age when everyone has a phone that takes great photos. If you are going to ask for our time, please spend a few minutes and post images of the system so we can See what you have and give you good advice.

In a rare cases you can't make a report. then we at least require the cnc system serial number and the software version be used to be included with the post.

Centroid kit serial number or system ID (Key-A) number: (i.e. A900123, 0714110123)
Software version: CNC10, CNC11, CNC12 version number can be found on the setup screen or utility screen.

How to Find Control Serial/System ID (Key-A) Number

1- Can be found on the Centroid Unlock sheet that was shipped with the control.
2- On the bottom right-hand side of the CNC11 software.
3- Hand written on a sticker on certain components (i.e. MPU11 or Allin1DC) See pictures below, where the sticker is circled in red. Note: for the Allin1DC you will need to remove the gold cover plate.
MPU11 Key-A location.
Allin1DC Key-A location.
CPU10B Key-A location.

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