Retrofit from Acu-Rite MillPower Questions


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Retrofit from Acu-Rite MillPower Questions

Post by cncsnw » Fri May 20, 2011 9:31 pm

RS wrote:
We have a 2 axis Mill, Called an ELITE by Acu-rite, it is fitted to a RM4VH Mill. Runs MillPower 1.3.1, so very old. The motherboard is a 486 and it has what looks like a BMDC card, and certainly the Bridgeport drivers are present on the hard disk. Servos are all ok and it has a 3rd axis servo but no control from the s/w.
Question: Would a BOSS 8-12 kit upgrade this and if so how much are they.
If the original control used DC brushed servo motors with continuous current ratings somewhere between 6 and 15 Amps, then you should be able to use the All-in-one DC retrofit kits with them. You may need to install new encoders on the motors. Tachometers, if present, will no longer be needed.

The All-in-one is a three-axis unit, and the software can run in a two-axis mode or a three-axis mode (or more). Therefore if you have the mechanics for a Z axis drive, and have a suitable servo motor there, then you could have full three-axis control (including simultaneous contouring) after the retrofit.
BTW, I'm in the UK, so can you ship.
Yes. Be sure to provide complete contact information, include telephone, to aid international delivery.
Alternatetively, what of the Mach3 upgrades. Do you think the servo driver will cope with my servos.
The Mach3 kits use all the same hardware as the CNC11-based kits. The only difference is in the choice of front-end software on the PC.

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