(404) Spindle Fault on CNC11 with GPIO4D


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(404) Spindle Fault on CNC11 with GPIO4D

Post by kontraptionist » Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:59 pm


I'm running a demo version of CNC11 3.00 Dev Test Rev 53, dated Feb. 19

I've reconfigured my drives in parameter as follows:
300 = 9
301 = 10
302 = 11
303 = 12
and the encoder parameters stayed the same at
308 = 1
309 = 2
310 = 3
311 = 4

The encoders are reading on the DROs when I manually move the machine, all axes in all the right directions, in all the correct distances, but when I attempt to autotune, I release the e-stop, and I get:

335: Emergency Stop Released (this sounds good, right?)
404: Spindle Drive Fault Detected.

Upon attempting to execute auto-tune, the error "Status 6" appears after the "Alt-S" command is issued. The servo enable LEDS on the GPIO4 do not light up at any time, which is puzzling, but not so much if the spindle fault is a fatal error.

After going through the parameter setup in CNC11, I cannot find any setting to control the PLC bit for the spindle fault input, or whether it's NO or NC.

Can anybody offer any advise? The system WILL run under Mach3 and the 1.08 Ajax plugin.

Thanks!!! :-)

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Re: (404) Spindle Fault on CNC11 with GPIO4D

Post by cncsnw » Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:14 am

This is totally dependent on the PLC program you are using.

However, more likely than not your PLC program follows the convention of recent years: bit 1 (value 2) of Parameter 178 selects a normally-closed spindle fault. Otherwise spindle fault is assumed to be normally-open.

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Re: (404) Spindle Fault on CNC11 with GPIO4D

Post by diycncscott » Mon Mar 29, 2010 7:48 am

Hi Andy,

1. Please email the mpu.plc program found in your c:\cncm directory to tech@ajaxcnc.com

2. Do you have an inverter fault wired in? If so, is it Open on fault or closed on fault?

3. You have your drives set up in velocity mode, please do not use autotune -it won't work. Follow the tuning guidleines which were sent to you.



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