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Emco PC Turn 120

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:05 pm
by QMC Graham
Hi All,
Just starting a conversion of my Emco PC Turn 120 from Mach 3 to Acorn.
I picked the machine up already converted from Fanuc to Mach3.
Having completed a couple of Mach 3 retrofits myself on a Boxford lathe and a Taig mill. The Emco was a little disappointing.
Had a few problems getting it to run properly, Although I've cut parts on it, it suffers with a cheap breakout board and a flakey PC.
I was going to redo it all until I came across Keith's lathe conversion video and thought Acorn has got to be the way to go !
Better tool offsets and rigid tapping sold it to me.
I've put some pictures of the current state of the Emco in Mach 3 state, Although I've removed the pc and the new touchscreen is fitted.
My Acorn has been bench tested and the NUC set up.
Just waiting on a spindle encoder and a 5v power supply for the steppers.( not motor power )
Steppers where originally powered of that horrible breakout board via 5v from a USB cable from the pc ! Ouch.
I will update as I go.
Hoping for a more capable and reliable machine.

Keith still no joy with the arrival of the Lathe Pro license. Could you give me an update please.

Re: Emco PC Turn 120

Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:59 am
by Chaz
Small world, my old machine.

Found this by looking up Centroid due to the same stability issues you and others keep referring to. Ive now got a Harrison M300 in the garage, partially converted but cant get the encoder / tapping working with Pokeys and Mach 3, time to jump ship I expect.

Re: Emco PC Turn 120

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:51 am
by QMC Graham
Hi Chaz
Yes small world indeed.
Yes I saw your Harrison videos looked nice.
Overall I'm happy with the machine, it's really Mach3 turn that's my issue. I Had it very reliable on my Boxford,probably more luck than judgement, if you read the forums.
Mach3 Mill was always great,used to run 6 hour machining jobs no problem.
Could walk away and leave it without fear.
I came across the Acorn more my luck really had never heard of it, certainly not here in Blighty.
As it came from a control manufacture I thought its got to be worth a go.
As I said in my post the video of the Centroid test lathe is pretty impressive.
So far axis are moving and calibrated, coolant is switching on and lube pump is programmed and working (parameter 179)
I'm going to uprate the stepper power supply to 48v from the currently installed 24v one.
Should help I think.
Next job is the VFD.
Which has been great till this cold weather and now the old dry joint problem has surfaced !
Might have to put a hair dryer on it after I wire it to Acorn.
So far I'm happy with the Acorn and centroid.

Re: Emco PC Turn 120

Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:34 am
by Chaz
I agree, Mach 3 has been doing my head in for a while. Certainly the 120 is a lovely bit of kit but let down by Mach 3 and/or the PC.

You arent too far from me are you? Id love to come and see what you have done with Acorn. I'm just about the pull the trigger and have a few questions.

The original PSUs were 24V. They were damaged when I soldered while I had them powered. I still have them here. Higher voltage should give you more torque. I'm having a similar issue trying to power a lathe turret I just bought from a 12V supply. Even though the driver takes 9-40V, doesnt mean the motor wants to run that low. My understanding is to try and run most motors as high voltage as you can. Stops issues like stalling etc.


Re: Emco PC Turn 120

Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 4:45 pm
by Chaz
I've managed to get my Harrison M300 done, still busy with a few things.

Have you worked out how to do the ATC 'macro' stuff yet?