Wiring a Toshiba vfd to all-in-one


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Wiring a Toshiba vfd to all-in-one

Post by Dennis23t » Wed Nov 01, 2017 12:57 pm

Has anyone wire a Toshiba vfd to all-in-one. It is a vf-sx. I don't completely understand the schematic.

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Re: Wiring a Toshiba vfd to all-in-one

Post by Centroid_Tech » Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:08 pm

It looks pretty straight forward but attached is a table showing the proper connections between that VFD and the ALLIN1DC. In trying to zoom in the photo you sent, it was very hard to verify this but I believe that FLB is the NC output from the VFD while the FLA is the NO output from the VFD.

There is an additional connection that will need to be made that isn't listed on that table because it's not connected to the ALLIN1DC. It's between the FLC terminal on the VFD and either terminals 12 thru 15 of TB1. If you are following the standard wiring connections of the ALLIN1DC, the common source for the inputs is +DC voltage. Newer schematics show it as being connected to +24VDC. The spindle fault input is wired to input 10 as I have displayed in the table. You will just need to make sure that the common for that relayed output of the VFD, FLC, is tied to the ground terminal of that +DC power supply. Even though the schematic shows the fault signal as NO, Normally Open, I always recommend installing fault signal to the NC, Normally Closed, terminal. If it's connected to the NC terminal and the cable was ever broken, you will receive a fault message whereas you will never see that message if it's connected to the NO terminal.

By default, the CNC11 software is setup as all of the inputs being NC inputs. If you do end up connecting the spindle fault signal to the NO output of the VFD, you can easily invert the logic for that particular input in the CNC11 software. From the main screen, press ALT+I to bring up the PLC Diagnostic menu. Using your arrow keys, move the white box until it's on the spindle fault input, input 10. Press CTRL+ALT+I. The input will change from red to green and you will see a white line above that input which designates that it's a NO input rather than a NC input. Press ALT+I will close the PLC Diagnostic menu.
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